Corporate management strategies for our time

What criteria should we apply when running our organisation as a "new style of company"? What are the relevant target and control parameters for our organisation in the time following a renewal of economic thinking? What control parameters would we need to supplement an approach based purely on the pursuit of profit and volume?

New-style companies take their responsibilities seriously. They are stakeholders in an economy in and for the world; they do not simply cream off the profits for their own organisation, but create added value for society as a whole. They exploit the power of private economic activity to create universal public benefit. They are aware that it is not their duty simply to achieve the maximum possible, but to be moderate and considerate.

Companies of this type demand not only a new culture of leadership and organisation (or "culture of awareness"), but also new control mechanisms. To assist you in finding corporate management strategies for our time, I help you to design control instruments that go beyond monothematic concentration on economic growth parameters (profit, volume). Supplementing the range of strategic management tools by parameters that are of equal benefit and value to stakeholders – customers, employees and investors – and to local ecosystems represents a vital step towards holistic corporate management.

Services in the field of corporate management strategies for our time:

Impulse presentations, topic workshops, definition of development requirements and identification of suitable control parameters, are development of holistic control dashboards, implementation by means of suitable change architecture, process design and process control.