Process consultancy and change management

As an organisation, how do we achieve the goals and targets we have strategically defined? What changes does this involve for us as an organisation? Who needs to be involved in making the changes? How does the appropriate change architecture look?

Putting strategies into practice involves working on change, and this can only succeed if all concerned fully understand what is behind the strategy and are motivated to cooperate in its implementation.  So when it comes to defining a suitable implementation design for your organisation, my first priority is to ensure careful, tactful and appropriate communication, active involvement of employees, and sufficient opportunity for feedback. Taking involvement and feedback seriously also entails guaranteeing a certain degree of transparency for the process and its results.  This means that the change process should not be seen as linear, but rather as a succession of loops in which initial interventions will bring about changes to which, in turn, subsequent measures will react.

In the context of change management, I will help and support you in coordinating the appropriate intervention measures sensibly and controlling the change process. While doing so, I take care to remain an organisation consultant rather than becoming a kind of stabilising wheel for your organisation, as this will ultimately improve your organisation’s own problem solving skills.

Services in the field of process consultancy and change management:

Design of the change architecture with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders; design and facilitation of suitable intervention formats (e.g. workshops, group events, sounding boards, supervision); control of the overall process in collaboration with internal decision-makers.