Identity, corporate guiding principles and positioning

Who are we? What characterises us as an organisation? What guides our actions? Does our identity match our strategic orientation?

The identity of an organisation is as complex as the people who shape it on a daily basis. Identity is engendered by, and engenders, culture. Identity is often difficult to put into words. However, as a starting point for defining strategic objectives, it is vital that you, as an organisation, know who you really are and why you tick the way you tick. Using identity processes, I help you to identify and articulate the basic principles of your organisation more clearly. Depending on the set task, it may be advisable to define these basic principles in the form of corporate guiding principles and/or official corporate positions.

Services in the field of identity, corporate guiding principles and positioning:

Strategic analysis and system diagnosis, design and the facilitation of suitable formats (e.g. workshops, sounding boards etc.), process design, process control.