Future and vision processes

Where do we want to go? What overriding objective is our company pursuing? Who benefits from the added value of the contribution we make with our work?

How can the new be introduced and implemented? By applying the appropriate techniques and methods in future and vision processes, I will help you to visualise new fields of opportunity for your organisation and translate them into strategic objectives. Besides market- and competitor-related factors, the resources of your organisation play a key role in the analysis and design of strategic options. In consideration of the need to seriously assume economic responsibility, overriding social challenges are also incorporated in the development of a vision for the future. The added value contributions for customers, employees, investors and local ecosystems are considered and reconciled, ensuring that they are sustainable, suitable and sensible.

Services in the field of future and vision processes:

Strategic analysis and system diagnosis, design and facilitation of suitable formats (e.g. workshops, sounding boards etc.), process design, process control.