Development of corporate values and culture

What are the characteristic values and standpoints of our organisation? How consistent are our cultural sub-divisions? Where is action required? How can we develop our culture?

Even if it is generally difficult to pinpoint an organisation’s culture, it is nevertheless one of the most important control mechanisms for complex systems: well-founded, stable cultures are guidelines for action, orientation points, and blueprints for the creation of other cultures along similar lines. Indeed, in this day and age, in which the reconciliation of performance and culture is becoming increasingly important, the development of culture(s) is one of the most pressing tasks facing strategic management and strategic leaders. In the field of value and culture development, I will support you in identifying areas for development in the various dimensions of your organisation’s culture (leadership culture, responsibility culture, cooperation culture etc.) and in creating and implementing a suitable cultural work process.

Services in the field of value and culture development:

System diagnosis, definition of development requirements in the various cultural dimensions, action plans, design and facilitation of formats, process design and process control