Team and department development

What makes us a team? What are our characteristic values and standpoints? How does our team culture look? Do our values and culture match the strategic objectives (targets, expectations)?

There can be many reasons to develop a team or a department: a new strategic alignment, restructuring of organizational units or simply a culture that has become rather "threadbare" through daily use.  When team or department development are required, I will assist you by identifying the decisive factors for interaction within the team and determining areas in which there is room for development. The focus is not only on structures and processes, but there is also close scrutiny of personal and role-related interplay, and of leadership and responsibility cultures. The actual formats of team development are as individual as the teams themselves, but they all take the same dialogical approach with a view to sharing common insights, creating a positive environment in which culture may flourish, as well as generating and safeguarding mutual trust, respect and commitment.

Services in the area of team and department development:

System diagnosis, definition of development requirements within the team, action plans, design and facilitation of suitable formats (e.g. workshops, supervision, team events etc.), process design and process control.