Cultural change for a new economy

How do we have to change as an organisation in order to survive in the world of tomorrow? How can we contribute to the necessary renewal of economic thinking? How can we use our economic potential so that it benefits not only us, but others too? What steps must we take to become "a new style of company"?

Our present economic system and habits have led to a significant increase in living standards in many parts of the world over the last few decades. The downside is that they have also caused a backlog of pressing economic, social and ecological problems to which solutions must be found more urgently than ever. More and more people have realised that a new culture of awareness is required to overcome traditional economic paradigms and create a sustainable future. The time has come to redefine economic success. The time has come to create a new style of company!

Under the heading of cultural change for a new economy, I will work with you to develop a joint understanding of how you can actively shape this transformation and ensure the survival of your organisation. As the process advances, an organisation "balance sheet" will be drawn up; this will focus not only on potential added value for your company, but also on what will benefit society in general. This will form the basis for identification of the most important fields of action and subsequent expansion of your organisation's strategic framework.

The development, shaping and management of a corporate culture play a major role in the implementation of the above. Introducing "new-style" companies that are economically sound and make a positive contribution to society requires not only the commitment of senior management, but also conviction and real-life daily application of culture throughout the entire organisation.

Services in the field of cultural change for a new economy:

Impulse presentations, topic workshops, impulse workshops to define required action, (advanced) development of sustainable organisation strategies, implementation by means of suitable change architecture, process design, process control.